United Helicharters


In UHPL By Exhicon it is a known fact that reliability is the customers’ first priority while choosing the Service Provider. Flight safety has become a culture and this encompasses every individual in the company, be it the Management, Air Crew, Maintenance Crew, Administration Personnel and the Non technical personnel- all are considered vital to the team in enhancing the safety culture. The company has a full time Accident Prevention Advisor who has the experience of many years in all aspects of aviation. The company has a documented Safety Policy and the guidelines as stipulated in the company’s “Safety Management Systems” manual which are implemented meticulously. The company adopts the Safety Standards which are at par with the best in the industry.

Accidents are extremely expensive and hence it is more cost effective to put in place all safety precautions and avoid the accidents at all costs. Thus air safety is given the highest priority in the company and it over rides commercial and operational considerations.

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