UHPL maintains an extensive fleet of helicopters to carry out its assignments worldwide.

UHPL classifies helicopter fleet into three categories: small, medium and large.

Small helicopters hold 4 to 6 passengers and are better suited for smaller production facilities, daytime flights and shorter routes.

Medium helicopters hold up to 13 passengers and are the most versatile type of helicopter.

Large helicopters hold up to 18 passengers. They can fly longer distances and in harsher weather conditions.

Our fleet can be located anywhere around the world and can be readily transferred and deployed to any location as needed.



Bell 412 (HP/SP/EP) Bell 212
Engine Twin Engines Twin Engines Twin Engines
Seating 12-15 pax 13 Pax 13 Pax
Cruise Speed 165 Kts. 127 Kts. 100 Kts
Range 573 Nm 350 Nm 240 Nm
Endurance 5.2 Hours 2.8 Hours 2.2 Hours
Service Ceiling 20,000 Ft 16,500 Ft 11,200 Ft