UHPL is an approved Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO) and Approved Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) which has been approved by the Director General of Civil Aviation, India, under the CAR-145 and CAR-M Civil Aviation Requirement.

Maintenance Scope of Organisation covers comprehensive maintenance of:

  • Agusta Westland, AW-139 helicopter;
  • Bell 412 Helicopters up to Check ‘D’ (5000 Hours / 5 Years inspection);
  • Bell 212 Helicopters up to Check ‘D’ (3000 Hours / 5 Years inspection).

UHPL has been performing major inspections, including structural work on Bell 212 and Bell 412 helicopters since last 20 years and has acquired substantial expertise in major maintenance work.

UHPL has also developed specialised workshop to undertake:

  • Overhaul and Capacity Testing of various types of Aircraft Batteries.
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) to cater to Magnetic Particle Test, Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Test, Ultrasonic Test, Eddy Current Test and Radiographic Test.
  • Calibration of Precision Measuring Instruments.

UHPL’s Infrastructure and Maintenance Facilities are well established and maintained to provide maintenance support to various types of aircrafts, to ensure that they are always in continued operating condition. The UHPL maintenance personnel, inclusive of licensed engineers and technicians are well qualified, experienced and trained. UHPL’s licensed engineers have undergone training at helicopter manufacturer facilities to gain more in depth knowledge of aircraft systems.

UHPL had been approved and had been undertaking operations and maintenance of Sikorsky S76C+, Dhruv (ALH), Eurocopter EC-120B helicopters in the past.

UHPL has been providing third party maintenance to the valuable customers.

UHPL has enough experience, expertise, potential and possess common specialized equipment with which maintenance capability to maintain any kind of helicopter can be developed at any given time.